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the return of phantom planet
November 27, 2007, 3:39 pm
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i was still in college when Phantom Planet put out their last record (their third full length, which was self-titled). it was my junior year. i lived in a tiny room in a shitty house on a corner. i liked to play music really loud that year (as has been the case most years). i have fond memories of blasting that Phantom Planet album in that little room. jumping on the bed, playing guitar along to it. sonically, it was a super crunchy album; brittle, even. the band was saying… “watch out. we blow speakers.” in my mind, it was a total 180 from their previously jangly material; an evolutionary step forward and a step away from their association with a certain show on a certain channel formerly known at The W.B EDIT: the O.C. was, in fact, on FOX.

so here we are, nearly four years later and finally a new album on the horizon. why so long? they parted ways with Epic Records. frontman Alex Greenwald played in blackblack and sang/toured with Mark Ronson. they recently signed with a new label, the indie juggernaut known as Fueled By Ramen, went back into the studio and the results are being mixed now, in anticipation of a spring 2008 release. wikipedia tells me that “the new record is about singer Alex’s fictional experience with a cult.” awesome.

so… a four song EP of rough mixes materialized, only available at their shows. i hope that all of these songs will be on the record when it comes out. “Leader” has that instant-classic catchy singalong thing going for it. There’s “From This Day On,” a ballad with a dark vibe and some Radiohead-ish guitar parts. There’s a big change of pace with “Too Much Too Often” a driving dance tune with crazy dynamics: a spot of melodica here and a wild “drums in reverse” breakdown there. great stuff.

here, for your listening pleasure is “Geronimo,” a balls-out rocker that builds and builds and builds and totally conjures up the image of a shitload of people being compelled to jump off a cliff together. cults are creepy. EDIT: judging from the lyrics, the song seems to actually be about rough sex.


Phantom Planet myspace


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The OC was on Fox, not the WB/CW. Just an FYI. Thanks for posting the new track!

Comment by sassylime

What I like is how much they seem to be influenced by putting together the Negatives releases. It was really very good for the band. Because after the shakeup of losing two key members, they seemed to not be sure what direction they needed to go in. Their live shows had a much more urgent and tighter sound, but they were moving away from what used to define them as a band.

But it seems like after really listening to their roots, they rediscovered exactly what Phantom Planet is supposed to be: the ultimate high school band. Which is not to say that their music isn’t sophisticated, just that their style is kinda all over the place and very loose. They’re not afraid to write simple pop melodies like Leader, they’re not afraid to write harsh and rough (vulgar, even) songs like Geronimo, and they’re not afraid to do something synth-ish and stripped down like From This Day On. It’s awesome that they’ve finally found that balance between all their older albums. And seemingly did it almost entirely through really listening to their history and seeing the fans respond to it.

Hi, by the way. I have a Google news alert for Geronimo in case of news regarding the album.

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