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September 15, 2007, 8:51 am
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it’s the middle of september. school’s back in session. the youth are learning exciting new things.

i am a few years out of academia, but i wanted to take a seasonal trip down memory lane.

i went to WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY so I thought that for this september installment of my monthly mix tape, I would strictly mine the well of wesleyan bands. and what a deep well it is.

say what you will about old wes, but you can’t deny the fly nature of its musical output.

DOWNLOAD MP3: WESMIX (50:27/256KBPS/92.5 MB)

1. MGMT “Electric Feel” Andrew and Beno, music majors, Class of 2005, voted most likely to get signed to a major label, tour with Of Montreal, make an amazing record and take over the world. the last time i saw them play i got trashed and crowdsurfed and my neck was screwed for four days. best concert of recent memory. (original post) (myspace)

2. Boy Crisis “2 Be Nasty” A rough and tumble band of sexual provocateurs cum campfire singalong artists. the last time i saw them i got a little drunk, picked up frontman Tal and initiated his first crowdsurfing experience. tight. (original post) (myspace)

3. Snowblink “Rut & Nuzzle” (unmixed work in progress) This track is a ToTheMaxx exclusive from Daniela Gesundheit’s forthcoming third record as Snowblink. Daniela possesses one of the most pleasant voices I’ve had the privilege of hearing and her songcraft is truly next level. (myspace)

4. Shy Child “Astronaut” Pete Cafarella and Nate Smith met at Wes in the mid 90s. They were in the band El Guapo, which became Supersystem, which disbanded last year. Shy Child was their other project, now their main gig. This track is from their new album, “Noise Won’t Stop,” which also features a collaboration with Spank Rock (myspace)

5. CountryCLUB “Thug Handles” CountryCLUB is Himanshu. Himanshu’s songs are short, like punk. But rhymed, like rap. I don’t know if the chorus is a reference to the theme from Dawson’s Creek or not… but it’s funny to think about it. (myspace)

6. Man vs. Beast “Submarines (…Get Your Kitchen Resolved)” This band is no longer, but I remember that Lucas used a trash can instead of a keyboard stand and there was one show in a basement during which Lucas spilled a bunch of beer in his synthesizer and then flipped it over so the beer could drain out into the trash. The following year I moved into the house where that show had occurred (54 home ave) and whenever I had to go into the basement to reset the wireless router, I would think about Lucas and the trash. R.I.P. Man vs. Beast.

7. Mobius Band “Friends Like These” A trio of music majors, formed in the late 90s. I remember them playing on campus a bit after they’d graduated and liking that the drummer had a bunch of samples and triggers that he played. They’ve payed their dues and come up in the world and their new stuff is heaps awesome. This song is from their forthcoming album, “Heaven,” which comes out October 2 on Misra. (myspace)

8. Lina Makdisi “July Song” Lina acts and makes music and i don’t know her that well but i like this song. yay. (myspace)

9. Bear Hands “Long Lean Queen” 2 out of 4 of the members of this band are Wesleyan folk. In fact, last I checked, Ted Feldman is class of 09. Crazy. Anyway, Dylan Rau sings and I finally got to see them and was really impressed, especially by the new songs that aren’t on their E.P. I predict great things for Bear Hands. (myspace)

10. Erase Errata “Dust” Not sure if they all went to Wesleyan… I had never heard of this San Francisco-based band before seeing them at All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2002 and, upon witnessing their set, was completely taken aback. Their song “Tongue Tied” immediately went into my spastic danceparty rotation. This track is from their latest album, “Night Life.” (myspace)

11. Babewatch “Pop Fiction” These guys are seniors right now, I think. I like the major/minor shift throughout the song. Reminds me of Pulp. In fact, Thad sounds thoroughly British but I’m fairly certain he is not. He does, however, play a double neck guitar and that is too crazy. (myspace)

12. Bottle Up & Go “These Bones” Loud and trashed duo from the class of ’09 who’ve been getting some good write ups on these here interwebs. The sax solo reminds me of those unexpected bursts in Stooges songs. Did I say they were loud?(myspace)

13. The Fever “Put It On You” The Fever were on Kemado and frontman Geremy Jasper went to Wesleyan. This is a brilliant cut from the album “Red Bedroom.” Geremy also stars in the upcoming epic short film “Glory At Sea,” from Behn Zeitlin. (myspace)

14. Spirit Marines “Challenger” Some fun grooves from four current seniors. This is an artifact from their phase as an instrumental band; they’ve now added vocals. (myspace)

15. Ship “The Sleeping Prism” Frank Lyon and Dave Wilson, formerly of Wesleyan band Gold, now reside in the Bay area, making delightful folk music/visual art/performance spectacles. Here’s an article with more details, as well as their blog.

16. Simon O’Connor “Shark vs. Lion in a Room Half-Filled With Water” Simon, who plays lead guitar in Stylofone, cut a record as his thesis for the Music department. It was a concept album based around an alter-ego character named Magnifique. The final track recounted an epic battle for glory between two scary animals. Instant classic.

There are plenty of other wesleyan bands that I didn’t put on here…. but please do check out Belly Boat, Mirror Boiyz, Michigan, Balloon etc. Who else did I miss? leave em in the comments.


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and sister band

Comment by omnitard nation

Hi, according to Wesleying “party on fountain” is a Waiting In Line (I thought they were a cappella, but whatever) song by Pat Wolf 07.

Comment by Xiaoxi

‘party on fountain’ is a New Teen Force production, written by Pat Wolf ’07, Molly Gaebe ’07, Mary Campion ’07, Kate Heller ’09, and Ted Feldman ’09, produced by Feldman, engineered by Yale Yng-Wong ’09. we hope you like it, but it’s not quite done.

Comment by new teen force

Mary and Molly are the girls singing.

Comment by new teen force

catastrophic events, another senior band

Comment by bex

Hey folks, sorry about the confusion. Pat brought this rap to Waiting in Line in Fall ’06 where we performed it for our final concert. There was no indication that it was/would be a NTF production. We still plan on singing it this semester- feel free to send me an e-mail if this would be a problem.

Comment by Lynn

[…] in their footsteps, making fiercely independent and consistently interesting tunes. Here’s a recent grad’s blog, where you can find an entire mix containing exclusively Wesleyan bands from the last couple of […]

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I like this idea!

Comment by heather

hey sugarcomet,

thanks for the inclusion. You’re motivation and taste are a constant inpiration. See you soon somehow.


Comment by frank

me… akg ’00

Comment by akg

do senoir bands have catostrophic events — must be good for the music

Comment by rebsue1

ya gotta see ‘’

boxES, boXes, BOxeS

Comment by rebsue1

i’m pretty sure shark v. lion is credited to the legendary monsters of rock..

Comment by Mark

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