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hot summer, what a bummer
August 15, 2007, 8:26 am
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people of the interworld, it is the middle of august.
it is hot, it is sticky, it is wet, it is wild.

it is that time of month. time for a most bitchin’, super dancetastic MIX FOR THE END OF THE SUMMER!

so yeah, it’s an hourlong mp3. download it or listen to it online. have fun.

DOWNLOAD MP3: SSSSUMMERRRR MIX, AUGUST 2007 (59:42/192 kbps/82.1 MB)

1. Best Fwends “Zwzzt” (Non) idiotic four track pump-up music from Texas. I like to start a mix with an instrumental track as a sort of prologue, is that okay?

2. The Young Knives “Weekends and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)” This is something of a personal anthem right now, as i am covered in my own sweat on a regular basis these days. This band is a trio from Oxford and one of them goes by the stage name The House of Lords. The other two have regular type “name” names.

3. M.I.A. “Paper Planes” A song based around a sample of “Straight To Hell” by The Clash with a chorus that is a straight up homage to (and subversion of) the chorus from Wrecks-n-Effect’s “Rump Shaker.” Listen and you will catch on… “just shake your rump!”

4. Darkel “Beautiful Woman” This solo project by Jean-Benoit Dunckel (one half of Air) came out 11 months ago and got a bit of buzz but then many just kind of forgot about it. Regardless, to my ears, this song is a lot more fun (and offers more instant gratification) than the new Air record.

5. The Go! Team “Fake ID” “Jock Jams” for cool kids.

6. The Black Ghosts “Face” So there was once Simian, a most excellent band I loved while I was in college. They broke up a few years back, splintering into some other groups. Simian Mobile Disco is one you may have heard of. But the frontman and head crazyman of Simian, Simon Lord, started this band, The Black Ghosts. I think that this song of theirs may possibly rip your face off.

7. Tokyo Police Club “Citizens Of Tomorrow” More awesome Canadians. Could you just die? I know. I know.

8. Charlotte Gainsbourg “5:55 (Black Ghosts remix)” A song by the lovely daughter of Serge G., a song originally co-written by Air (see 4 above), here beautifully remixed by The Black Ghosts (see 6 above).

9. Kevin Drew “Back Out On The…” The ringleader of Broken Social Scene goes solo, with a little help from his friends? I’m confused. How does that work?

10. Travis Morrison “As We Proceed” The former ringleader of The Dismemberment Plan goes solo again and, if this song is any indication, this time around it should get a better Pitchfork review than did his previous effort.

11. Joakim “Lonely Hearts” More delightful French music? What the hell is going on in there?

12. Super Furry Animals “Run-Away” This is a pitch-perfect dramatic pop song, reaffirming that the Super Furry’s (not Catherine Zeta-Jones) are the best Welsh export since Tom Jones.

13. The Spinto Band “Crack The Whip” I kind of missed the boat on these guys. I love their song “Oh Mandy,” but I’d never heard the rest of their last album. Long story short, they played a gig last month with my pals Miniature Tigers and they were totally awesome. This song was a standout of their set.

14. The Boggs “Poor Things” I bought the first Boggs album and saw the guy do a real ramshackle set last year at some point. I dig this song just for the repetitious, circular stuff… it’s awkwardly meditative.

15. White Williams “New Violence” Cleveland dude is bored, turns on laptop, makes good with the world.

16. The Fiery Furnaces “My Egyptian Grammar”I have a love/hate relationship with this band. When listening to this song… I’m in love, y’all. Fo real.

17. Throw Me The Statue “Lolita” Another one-man band. Such a good trend right now.

18. Dirty Projectors “Rise Above” Dave Longstreth found an empty audio cassette box with no tape inside while he helped his parents move. It was a tape he loved as a kid, the Black Flag album “Damaged.” He hadn’t heard the album in many years, so he set out to recreate it from memory. The end result is much more interesting than an album full of cover songs. This is a record of reimaginings and reawakenings.


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I love love love that Spinto Band track. I finally got to see them live at the Noise Pop fest in SF this past March and wow.

Comment by heather

Hey, thanks, your mix is really good. Its making my day in the office a lot more fun.

Comment by Erin

Waow enjoyed reading this article. I submitted your rss to my blogreader.

Comment by insishCaf

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