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July 26, 2007, 2:39 pm
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ariel pink

a few weeks ago i made a nice purchase at family.

i got an Ariel Pink 7′ called “My Molly EP.” It’s a five song deal, all home recordings from when he was 19 yrs old.

i once read a spot on description of his music…. i can’t remember where i read it, but (and i’m paraphrasing here) it went something like this: his music sounds like AM radio broadcasting through a turntable with a cactus needle as the needle and a styrofoam cup as the speaker. something like that.

anyway i love reclusive geniuses and i love lo-fi. hence, i love ariel pink and this EP.
it came out a year ago, and was recorded nine years ago, but it’s new to my ears and i want to share.

the song that i’m most excited about is his cover of The Smiths b-side “This Night Has Opened My Eyes.” He recently cut a cover of “Everybody” for a Madonna tribute album (mp3 available @ stereogum), but i like this cover way more. when I first heard it I didn’t realize that it was a Smiths song and thought he was just doing a strange homage to Morrissey….. or an “hoMoz” (pronounced O-‘mäz, not hO-mOz/).

but no, it’s cover. and here it is in all its digital glory, for the phonographically challenged:


(buy) (myspace)

and here’s a video of the original, for your comparison:


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the link has expired… 😦
please could you refresh it or send me the track over please?
i’m looking after this track under mp3 file for more than one and half a year, and i can’t stand not hear it…
many thanks in advance

Comment by pjatinic

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