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happy monday!
July 16, 2007, 7:04 am
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thanks to the electronic prodding of one julia simpson and the conceptual imagination of one nick panama, i am happy to present to you a brand sztanking new…mix for the middle of july!!!!!!!for those of you just joining us, what you’re about to experience is a massive mp3 file for you to download and listen to and go apeshit. it’s like having a petite version of me inside your iPod or iPhone or Zune or computer or mind.i’m in yr brain, jockying yr toons.


DOWNLOAD MP3:SSSSUMMERRRR MIX, JULY 2007 (1:02:49/192 kbps/86.3 MB)

1. The Monochrome Set “Eine Symphonie Des Grauens” My very favorite track from the crazy Crippled Dick Hot Wax comp 7″ Up! singles only, UK 1978 – 1982.

2. Liars “Clear Island” Liars are back and they are done with concept albums. They are now solely concerned with fully crushing your skull.

3. Miniature Tigers “The Wolf” The more I listen to this song the closer it scoots towards “classic” status. Impossibly good. (orignal post)

4. Animal Collective “Derek” The last track from the new album, a Panda Bear composition that divides perfectly into two discrete halves.

5. The Pinups “Lookin’ For Boys” Another perfect summer jam, from from the best box set that money can buy. At a certain point this track veers dangerously close to “Surfin’ USA.” Not that that’s a bad thing at all.

6. The Chemical Brothers feat. Fatlip “The Salmon Dance”“Did you know?””…What?” “That I could go to Japan?” (original post)

7. The Little Ones “Let Them Ring The Bells” So I kept hearing the name of this Los Angeles band and then I finally heard their music. In general, I think I need to pay better attention.

8. Tegan and Sara “Back In Your Head” Though I don’t love their whole body of work, I am a huge fan of this tune… something like the aural equivalent of Pinkberry: sweet pop bliss.

9. Blitzen Trapper “Wild Mountain Nation” Gotta love me some lo-fi Pacific Northwest indie country jams. Reminds me of the pre-“Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” styles of Wilco.

10. Jay Reatard “I Know A Place” If you read this blog with any regularity, you realize that I’m borderline obsessed with this guy’s music. My friend told me a gross and violent story about him that only makes me more of a fan. (original post)

11. Shout Out Louds “Tonight I Have To Leave It” In Sweden there’s this little book they pass around called “Writing Perfect Indie Pop Songs That Makes The Kids Cream Their Britches.”

12. Blur “Trimm Trabb” comes from the dense, brilliant and little-discussed Blur record from 1999 called “13.” I heard this come out of an iPod this 4th of July and it triggered a flood of memories of listening to “13” when it came out. Fun fact: long before Pitchfork turned into the fire-breathing beast it is today, they gave this album an impressive 9.1 rating.

13. Rooney “When Did Your Heart Go Missing” 2 fun facts direct from Robert from Rooney: 1. The song is inspired by the music of Zoot Woman 2. The Jonathan Richman-esque spoken word outro was improvised and nailed on the first take.

14. Feist “1234” (Vanshe Technologic Remix) This is admittedly much better than the remix of this song that we tried and failed to make. I also think I weirded out Feist at Bonnaroo when I gave her a thumbs-up in an admittedly creepy manner.

15. No Age “Neck Escaper” Their album “Weirdo Rippers” has a great name, but it’s not as good as the name of that Sonic Youth album “Rather Ripped.” Sorry, it’s not. But it’s close. This tune is two minutes long, and kinda grating. But before it’s grating it’s definitely beautiful for like the first 45 seconds. And that’s nearly half the song.

16. White Rabbits “While We Go Dancing” Chorus maximus! A+ on that one, guys.

17. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros “Johnny Appleseed” This song plays over the opening credits of my favorite show on television right now, “John From Cincinnati.” People say that HBO may imminently pull the plug on the show. That would be sad. If Rebecca DeMornay’s banging-on-the-trailer freakout last week wasn’t award worthy, I’m not quite sure what is….

18. Scissors For Lefty “Lay Down Your Weapons” Family bands are always cool. This band has two sets of brothers in it and then there’s an uncle of one of the sets of brothers in it too. I approve because family is important.

19. Happy Mondays “Rush Rush” Shaun Ryder covers the Debbie Harry/Giorgio Moroder track from the “Scarface” soundtrack, with backing vox from Juliette Commagere (of Hello Stranger) and production by the bulletproof monk himself, Sunny Levine. The world stops spinning.

20. Michael Yonkers Band “Microminiature Love” A scuzzy finish for you, my not so scuzzy friends. Thanks for listening, non-scuzzy ones.


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as though avey and panda are covering eachother.

It has a nice resolved feeling.

keep it up max!

Comment by frank

To be fair, Feist is easy to weird out. I found out (the hard way) that she really doesn’t like it when you call her Leslie. Even though, you know, it’s her fucking name.

Comment by Shiv

I am glad I’m not the only one who gives thumbs up (double thumbs up!) at inopportune moments, and then walks away going “What was THAT?!”

Comment by heather

a max headroom for the new millennium? that’s a thumbs up. gladiator style ….

Comment by Le Chew Toy

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