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July 11, 2007, 12:55 am
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hello stranger.

it’s about time i mention one of my very favorite bands, and in fact, the band with the song for which this blog is named in tribute (even though it was written before i knew them, i like to think that their song “take it to the maxx” is sort of a tribute to me… so it’s a symbiotic thang).

hello stranger have been in the studio making some killer wild classic filthy new jams with mega man mike elizondo producing.


and they are playing for the first time in a while on monday night at the roxy, where they will debut a handful (one for each finger) of these royally sweet new tunes. royal sweetness! i’m excited. i will try to remember to bring a camera and take some pictures…. my old chums rooney are headlining and there’s another awesome special guest who is kinda a secret, i think… i like secrets.

anyway, here is a video of hello stranger at sxsw this past spring, doing the sexy “robody.” this ought to tide you over until the new shit drops. and if you don’t have it, their first record (produced by the man called the ry cooder) is urgently must-have-esque.

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