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July 4, 2007, 6:33 pm
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1. happy 4th of july (this was the item i just remembered)

so here’s the first video for “fireworks” from the forthcoming animal collective album!

LINK: Animal Collective “FIREWORKS” VIDEO (via pitchfork)

i think the song is stunning.

2. ratatouille is very much worth your time. gotta love foodie/kiddie movies. now if only the score had been done by ratatat…. ratatatouille?

3. after a lot of anxiety, the results are in and i am a runner-up in this last round of Filmbrain’s Screen Capture Quiz! huzzah! i was pretty much a complete wreck yesterday, trying to decide which of my wrong answers to submit. tell me if this is lame: i’m so into this quiz that i have an alarm on my phone to remind me every wednesday to go look at the new screen capture. thinking about it, it is a little absurd. yeah.

4. in other cool web-type news, to the maxx is now listed on the absolutely essential mp3 blog aggregator The Hype Machine. Which means that I’ve been getting more hits and winning over the hearts of curious folks worldwide with my impeccable taste, natch. now i just have to figure out how to get some of the mp3s from my older posts listed on there…


5. a rad song for you…

The immortal Thurston Moore, of the always fashionable, even in middle-age, Sonic Youth has a killer new solo album dropping September 18th on his label (convenient!) Ecstatic Peace…. which is also home to the likes of Awesome Color and be your own PET. The album, “Trees Outside The Academy”, features SY homie Steve Shelley and good ol’ J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. This song seems to be a real nice balance between the noisier and poppier tendencies of Moore’s other band. It’s catchy and it ripps…. works for me.

(buy here eventually)(SY myspace)

and some upcoming US tourdates for Sonic Youth:

July 13 Chicago, IL Pitchfork Music Festival Performing Daydream Nation
July 19 Berkeley CA Berkely Community Theater Performing Daydream Nation
July 20 Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre Performing Daydream Nation
July 21 Santa Monica, CA KXLU show at Urban Outfitters
July 28 Brooklyn, NY McCarren Park Pool Performing Daydream Nation


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huz-zah indeed. walk tall…at least ’til next week’s exam, lucky 13 i believe.

ps: old fashioned post-its are never lame…am not so sure about the phone ping

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