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miniature tigers
June 29, 2007, 11:19 pm
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young charlie brand came west from distant arizona. or so i’m told.

he left behind his past life as a lone multi-instrumentalist making glorious bedroom pop under the name miniature tigers. at least that’s how i think the story goes.

he arrived in los angeles with little more than a hobo sack in his hand and the songs in his head. his goal: to assemble the greatest band ever as a means of bringing this music to the world. okay now maybe i’m mythololgizing a bit too much.

anyway, he found ’em.

miniature tigers make charming, approachable, pitch-perfect pop that proudly wears its heart on its sleeve. this is some of the most unabashedly sincere music i know.

i had heard one song, entitled “The Wolf” last year at some point or another and kept returning to it. i would sum the song up as two and a half minutes of great choices. every creative decision is not just right, but perfect. that song instantly made me feel like i was in on something special.

six months passed…

i was with my buddy shawn and we were walking towards canter’s deli late at night. we spotted a big group of people talking in the lobby and as we opened the door shawn realized he knew them. we said hi, made introductions, etc. the group walked out onto the street and shawn said to me “they’re this band called miniature tigers.” i go: “i love that band.” this was after only hearing “the wolf” and whatever else was on their myspace page at the time. but it’s true. i did love that band. so we went outside and talked a little more. it was nice to put faces to the music.

last night i finally saw miniature tigers play a show, at the knitting factory in hollywood, in the alterknit lounge.

obviously they’re wonderful live. the harmonies are totally on point, the rhythm section is super tight yet simultaneously sloppy (in the best possible way) and, most importantly, you look at the stage and see five people having a great time. it’s infectious.

i can’t think of a more appropriate name for this band than miniature tigers. charlie’s songs are like these tiny little epics. they are small but ferocious. fragile but strong. miniature tigers.


You can find “The Wolf” on some blogs here.

(myspace) (blog)
(the album’s not out yet, but when it is you’ll be able to buy it from their label)


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