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June 24, 2007, 2:01 am
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i turned on my stereo today because i wanted to play a cd. but the amplifier was set to “tuner” so the first thing i heard upon turning everything on was the radio.

it was set to 88.9. that’s kcrw.

i was not prepared for what happened next.

immediately some really wild sounds came crashing out of my speakers.

i heard an aweome beat, some little whirring noises and these lyrics:
shake your body like a salmon/floating upstream

and then….. amazingly…… the reception cut out and all was static.

such a tease!
i had to hear more!

i googled “shake your body like a salmon.”

and i found these words: The Salmon Dance – The Chemical Brothers featuring Fatlip)

long story short, the new Chems’ album, We Are The Night, comes out on July 17 and contains this song with Fatlip (former member of The Pharcyde and subject of the brilliant Spike Jonze doc “What’s Up Fatlip”) and also features collaborations with Klaxons and Midlake, two bands I dig. the few tracks i’ve heard are way better than i’d expect from the late-career Chemical Brothers. the one with Midlake is gorgeous. i’m impressed.

anyway, here is the song that bleeped out into my living room and got me excited. it is catchy, funny and supremely danceable. it is also educational, thanks to those handy facts from one Sammy The Salmon.


(preorder) (chems myspace) (fatlip’s myspace)


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the song is creative, fun – unfortunate language- the n word, the b word
love the moody ferris wheel shot from bonnaroo 🙂
that demetri guy’s a riot – looking for a: job/girlfriend/pretzel

Comment by rebsue1

never imagined such a perfect opportunity to share this bit of inside passage sailing trivia…check it out: you can use your own daft hand to remember the 5 types of…yes, alaskan salmon…pinky (pink), ring finger (silver), middle finger (king), index finger (sockeye), and thumb (chum). dig 😉

Comment by agoodanimal

Download MP3 album The Chemical Brothers “We Are the Night”

Comment by We Are the Night

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