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June 14, 2007, 12:27 am
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happy wednesday. i want to bring two songs to your attention. they are both on the trippy psych tip, but in entirely different ways.

i’ve been a big fan of Caribou for some time. caribou is dan snaith, though he use to be called manitoba until getting slapped by a lame lawsuit from handsome dick manitoba. snaith creates tripped-out, kinda proggy electronic pop music. more and more, his tunes have developed a really organic feel… sounding closer to a “band” than a man in the studio. a few years ago he began touring with live musicians and that seems to have further influenced the sound of his fourth full-length, the forthcoming andorra (out Auguest 21 on Merge. it is a tremendous record, full of glitchy harmonies and beyond-intricate drum programming (snaith comes from a family of mathematicians). i enjoy his records so much, i’d love to see how he adapts the studio work to a live setting (speaking of which, i saw lcd soundsystem on sunday night and was blown away by their ability to play those songs with such precision and energy — reminded me of the live footage i’ve seen of talking heads).

here is the first track from andorra, which i think perfectly fuses his live-band, “nuggets”-esque impulses with electronic composition.

(myspace) (buy old caribou music)

whenever i’m in new york i always drop a large sum of money at other music, one of the best record stores i know of. so this last time, i was there and this amazing music was playing… i assumed it was brazilian, because they always have a killer assortment of wild tropicalia gems. so i went to the front and inquired as to what was playing and the girl was like, “that’s El Kinto.” i went back to the brazilian section and couldn’t find it…. then i found it in the “psych” section. score. el kinto were not brazilian…. but Uruguayan! so they sing in spanish, but the music is straight up “nuggets” style psychedelia. anyway, Lion Productions recently released a reissue of the complete El Kinto jams and another one of Eduardo Mateo, who was the whacked-out force behind El Kinto.

Here’s a song from the record that I really gravitated towards… I think it was the song playing in the store when I realized I needed more information. the chorus is soooo right.


now i’m going to bonnaroo.


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l like both songs and l’m going to check out ‘other music’ next time l’m in the city – have fun at bonnaroo – b

Comment by rebsue1

Hi Maxx — keep up the good blogging. I always check back for your new posts here — and thanks for bringing ONCE to my attention. I just caught the new blog post on the PY myspace and thought your picts were sweet ( I assumed they were yours…). they seemed kinda blurry around the edges (which I liked) and it reminded me of this cool new lens that you may want to check out for some fun effects: (if you haven’t already)

Comment by Ali

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