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for your june gloom
June 11, 2007, 4:56 pm
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do yourself a favor and go see William Friedkin’s Bug while it is still playing. That is if it is, in fact, still playing.

it is not good. it is also amazing.


here’s a belated gift to you and yours from yours truly. i made one version of it. then tweaked it a bit. now i’m happy with the results and i can share it.

i was inspired by the fantastic mixes at marathonpacks and thought….. hey, i can do that. so here’s my first attempt….. please enjoy thank youse.

DOWNLOAD MP3: SSSSUMMERRRR MIX, JUNE 2007 (1:00:55/192 kbps/83.7 MB)

1. Justice “Valentine” This is Discovery 2007…. some dilapidated futuristic triumphant french shit for an interstellar road trip movie.

2. Sister Vanilla “Jamcolas” If it sounds like The Jesus and Mary Chain, it’s because it pretty much is The Jesus and Mary Chain…. and their younger sister.

3. Jay Reatard “My Shadow” Jay Reatard is only wearing tighty-whities and he’s covered in blood. It’s true. This is from his full length, but I HIGHLY reccomend the I Know A Place 7″ on Goner Records.

4. Bear Hands “Bad Blood” “I would rather marry you than bury you at sea.” This is a young band and in their music they see the future. It is like looking in a mirror, because they themselves ARE the future.

5. UNKLE featuring Autolux “Persons & Machinery” I’m assuming that UNKLE produced this track, because it pretty much sounds like an Autolux song, not a “featuring Autolux” song. Regardless, Carla Azar is the most exciting drummer around and I can’t wait for their second album to come out at some point.

6. The National “Mistaken For Strangers” They keep raising the bar higher and higher. This band should be really huge, but I guess I’m happy they’re just… big. Regardless, i cannot get this song out of my head, as hard as i try.

7. Map Of Africa “Map Of Africa” I always love it when a band has the balls to release a self-titled song. I love it even more when that song is a slinky string of dirty euphamisms. “I wanna find out where your delta lies.” Indeed.

8. Spoon “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” The high point of their forthcoming recordGa Ga Ga Ga Ga. Sure to hear this one in countless films and TV shows soon.

9. Aqualung “Black Hole” Matt Hales is a great songwriter, but he’s also a rad producer….. he likes lots of little chirps and weird sounds… I do too. We both like this song.

10. Cocorosie “Rainbowarriors” Shit is crazy. Definately my favorite folk/hip-hop song of the year.

11. Yeasayer “2080” I’ve already said it. This is my summer jam.

12. Laura Veirs “Pink Light” There’s nothing like earth-science indie rock.

13. Link Wray “Fire and Brimstone” When most people think of Link Wray, they think of fuzzed-out 50s rock. Well in 1971 he put out this self-titled album. That is the source of this song, a swaggery, stomping nugget of gold.

14. Jesca Hoop “Intelligentactile 101” This has been stuck in my head for the last few days. Her imagery is pretty vivid. Album’s out in a few months…. get excited.

15. Ratatat “Track 2” From the mysterious Nine Beats cd. This is beat number two out of nine. You see how that works?

16. Blonde Redhead “Spring and By Summer Fall” They no longer sound like Sonic Youth and I’m okay with that because they sound like this and this sounds completely awesome.

17. The Everly Brothers “Gone, Gone, Gone” The end. Thanks for listening.


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You hit it dead on with The National. I saw them in Chicago, and they rocked it. Spoon. I did “The Underdog,” but hate the title of the album. They could have done so much better.

Cool list:)

Comment by Linda

thanks for the great summer download – sweet

Comment by birdsofafeather

tite mix

Comment by Ben

[…] an earlier post I mentioned a new Jay Reatard 7″ called “I Know A Place.” this […]

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Awesome Max! Love the mix. I’m going to burn a CD for Emily.

Comment by Kent Beyda

[…] went to WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY so I thought that for this september installment of my monthly mix tape, I would strictly mine the well of wesleyan bands. and what a deep well it […]

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