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it’s been a while since i’ve seen you smile
June 9, 2007, 3:28 am
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sorry for the absence, regular readers… if you do, in fact, exist.
i was on a quick trip to new york.
pleasure, not business.
but i’ve been told that absence make the heart grow fonder.
and i know from experience that it’s true.

before i left, i planned this massive memorial day mixtape post, but then i didn’t have enough webspace to host the massive file that was the mix. and then i had to leave town. i’ll put it up eventually. it’s over one hour and it’s the shit.

i was so busy in new york that i barely cracked open my laptop over the course of my journey. which was a nice change of pace.

here are the bands i saw in new york, in the order i saw em:

1. animal collective at south street seaport, friday june 1.

wow wow wow. i had seen them before, at last summer’s coachella. both shows were in beautiful and unique outdoor spots. but this was a very different show. no guitars. no deakin. just three men with machines. the best was hearing a bunch of new jams, especially this one calypso style crazy dance song that they played right when my friends and i made our way up front, directly in front of one of the speakers. i had shown up alone and immediately ran into a gaggle of friends on the side of the stage. so anyway, we navigated our way up front and they started playing this song and we just all started jumping and going crazy. i was jetlagged and it smelled of b.o. everywhere cuz of all the kids (the kids come out for a free show, i tell ya), but i didn’t really care. there was nowhere else i’d rather have been.

Here, now, is that song. It is not on the their forthcoming album, Strawberry Jam. It was written only a few weeks ago. And it moves me in multiple ways.


This recording is from a show in Austin, TX, on May 27th. I saw them in New York 4 days later… so this is pretty much exactly what it sounded like. The Austin show in its entirety, including a bunch of new jams, can be found here.

buy animal collective related stuff here.


2. boy crisis at club midway, friday june 1.

boy crisis are my friends and this was their first new york show (their second show ever, actually) and i was happy to hurry from south street seaport to the east village to witness the festivities. the show was a fun time and they definitely packed the house with mad homies because the following band, the flesh, didn’t play to half as many people… this is my favorite song of theirs, one to which i’ve done much air-humping. i hope that it inspires you in a similar fashion.


Then I saw the flesh do “death connection,” but that’s it.


3. it lives at don pedro’s, monday june 4.

first off, don pedro’s in brooklyn is a nice place to see a show. it’s grungy, but feels clean. the drinks are cheap and cold. the people look good, but are nice. anyway, saw a killer three band bill.

these guys were first. apparently it was like their fourth show ever or something. sure had me fooled. the stage is so small at don pedro’s that the girl playing bass had to stand offstage, in the audience.

really liked their sound. on their myspace it says Rock/Grunge/Psychedelic. and that’s pretty much it. with a killer drummer.

go to their myspace and listen to HEAVEN’S DANCER and marvel at a super strange chord progression.


4. next up on the bill was yeasayer.

i had heard of yeasayer. read about em’ on the blogs. even downloaded a few mp3s. i was already a fan. i was very excited to see them.

yeasayer is an incredibly fun band. the music is odd, yet soooo catchy. and there’s a strong spiritual vibe, but like crunchy hippy kind of spirituality. the spiritual nature of the music seems sincere to me…. at least i hope it is… i want it to be unironic, despite the presence of an ironic moustache and an ironic haircut amongst multiple band members.

there’s a picture of the drummer above, because he seemed to steal the show. not only does he play crazy electronic gear over a regular drumkit, but he has insane chops. remarkably insane. i enjoyed watching him much more than i enjoyed watching the frontman, whose “channeling of the spirit” sometimes seemed a bit forced.

don’t get me wrong, though. i love this band. and this song is already my summer jam. this is magic.

MP3: YEASAYER “2080”


5. the night ended with entrance.

entrance is guy blakeslee:
left-handed axe weirdo hendrix man making psycho cult leader psychedelic blues noise.
the entrance band…. that’s guy, entrance, plus paz lenchantin on bass and derek james on drums. these are three unbelieveably talented musicans. the kind of band that you see and then you go home and flail out on the guitar for hours, knowing you’ll never really get to that place but its totally healthy to pretend.

here’s one of my favorite songs of theirs: “silence on a crowded train,” performed at SXSW. imagine guy wearing a creepy white robe/dress.


Next weekend….. BONNAROO!


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strawberry jam tune – hypnotic in some kind of calypso-tic african way

Comment by rebsue1

When are you going to take me on tour with you, Max!!! I will be a blog photographer, even though you already are, whatever you want! Come to SF to visit soon, please, as well.

Comment by Julia

heyo i just peeped your crisississipular “big up.” quite heartwarming, mang.

i am also juiced to hear of secret plangs to come extendo-rock nueva y. otra vez.


Comment by victor

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