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miniature tigers
June 29, 2007, 11:19 pm
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young charlie brand came west from distant arizona. or so i’m told.

he left behind his past life as a lone multi-instrumentalist making glorious bedroom pop under the name miniature tigers. at least that’s how i think the story goes.

he arrived in los angeles with little more than a hobo sack in his hand and the songs in his head. his goal: to assemble the greatest band ever as a means of bringing this music to the world. okay now maybe i’m mythololgizing a bit too much.

anyway, he found ’em.

miniature tigers make charming, approachable, pitch-perfect pop that proudly wears its heart on its sleeve. this is some of the most unabashedly sincere music i know.

i had heard one song, entitled “The Wolf” last year at some point or another and kept returning to it. i would sum the song up as two and a half minutes of great choices. every creative decision is not just right, but perfect. that song instantly made me feel like i was in on something special.

six months passed…

i was with my buddy shawn and we were walking towards canter’s deli late at night. we spotted a big group of people talking in the lobby and as we opened the door shawn realized he knew them. we said hi, made introductions, etc. the group walked out onto the street and shawn said to me “they’re this band called miniature tigers.” i go: “i love that band.” this was after only hearing “the wolf” and whatever else was on their myspace page at the time. but it’s true. i did love that band. so we went outside and talked a little more. it was nice to put faces to the music.

last night i finally saw miniature tigers play a show, at the knitting factory in hollywood, in the alterknit lounge.

obviously they’re wonderful live. the harmonies are totally on point, the rhythm section is super tight yet simultaneously sloppy (in the best possible way) and, most importantly, you look at the stage and see five people having a great time. it’s infectious.

i can’t think of a more appropriate name for this band than miniature tigers. charlie’s songs are like these tiny little epics. they are small but ferocious. fragile but strong. miniature tigers.


You can find “The Wolf” on some blogs here.

(myspace) (blog)
(the album’s not out yet, but when it is you’ll be able to buy it from their label)


June 28, 2007, 1:14 am
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sounds like it could be the opening title theme to a buddy cop zombie film

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sounds like it could be the end credit theme to a postapocalyptic art film

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what it do
June 24, 2007, 2:01 am
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i turned on my stereo today because i wanted to play a cd. but the amplifier was set to “tuner” so the first thing i heard upon turning everything on was the radio.

it was set to 88.9. that’s kcrw.

i was not prepared for what happened next.

immediately some really wild sounds came crashing out of my speakers.

i heard an aweome beat, some little whirring noises and these lyrics:
shake your body like a salmon/floating upstream

and then….. amazingly…… the reception cut out and all was static.

such a tease!
i had to hear more!

i googled “shake your body like a salmon.”

and i found these words: The Salmon Dance – The Chemical Brothers featuring Fatlip)

long story short, the new Chems’ album, We Are The Night, comes out on July 17 and contains this song with Fatlip (former member of The Pharcyde and subject of the brilliant Spike Jonze doc “What’s Up Fatlip”) and also features collaborations with Klaxons and Midlake, two bands I dig. the few tracks i’ve heard are way better than i’d expect from the late-career Chemical Brothers. the one with Midlake is gorgeous. i’m impressed.

anyway, here is the song that bleeped out into my living room and got me excited. it is catchy, funny and supremely danceable. it is also educational, thanks to those handy facts from one Sammy The Salmon.


(preorder) (chems myspace) (fatlip’s myspace)

someone with too much time on their hands
June 23, 2007, 9:37 am
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i know a place
June 19, 2007, 11:27 pm
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in an earlier post I mentioned a new Jay Reatard 7″ called “I Know A Place.” this “semi-acoustic pop single” is a something of a change of pace for the memphis based punk/new waver. the b-side is a terrific cover of The Go-Betweens.

but the a-side….. the a-side….. this is a song so catchy that you’ll do a double take and be all like “i KNOW i’ve heard this before!” it sounds like shit from some seminal underground band like The Clean. but it’s not. it’s new shit. it’s good old jay reatard. i can’t wait until he plays a show in los angeles. i have to say he’s among my very favorites right now.

through the magic of the internet, i stumbled across a really nice rip of the single and wanted to share the a-side with those of you who are phonographically challenged. get ready for two minutes and nine seconds of pure lo-fi bliss.


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June 18, 2007, 8:46 pm
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just back from the bonnaroo music and arts festival in manchester, tn.

the trip was busines and pleasure, so i didn’t really have time to discover any great new bands or anything like that… mostly running around. it was a fun time, but i’m super congested from all the dust. it was dusty, dig?

odd man, bonnaroo, 2007

this man’s ass was hanging out.


britt daniel (spoon), wayne coyne (the flaming lips), bob weir’s arm (grateful dead), pete yorn, nathan followill (kings of leon) at a little press conference.


i’ve never seen so many blissed-out burnouts in my whole life. this girl was definitely on something…. some trashcans.

westerns and balls, bonnaroo, 2007


a picture of me and ricky watching spoon, sippin’ free wine.
and a picture of spoon.


went to the comedy tent:

demetri martin


saw demetri martin, who was excellent. check him out here. then we saw flight of the conchords who have a new hbo show. they were funny, but i think i like them better on tv than live.

demetri martin and pete, bonnaroo, 2007

then we met demetri and he took a picture with pete. they kind of look alike. one is greek the other is jewish. both are from jersey.

sting, bonnaroo, 2007

then we saw the police. it was cool to see the police, but the whole experience was more like seeing a really good police cover band you know? anyway, we were right in front, so sting looks very pixelated.


this is what a huge crowd looks like from the stage. i let sting take this one.
(not actually true)

white stripes gear

this is the white stripes‘ cool red and white gear.


the head of the dude from wolfmother.

popsicles, bonnaroo, 2007

right after pete played, we had popsicles. then we went home.

now i’m home.

June 14, 2007, 12:27 am
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happy wednesday. i want to bring two songs to your attention. they are both on the trippy psych tip, but in entirely different ways.

i’ve been a big fan of Caribou for some time. caribou is dan snaith, though he use to be called manitoba until getting slapped by a lame lawsuit from handsome dick manitoba. snaith creates tripped-out, kinda proggy electronic pop music. more and more, his tunes have developed a really organic feel… sounding closer to a “band” than a man in the studio. a few years ago he began touring with live musicians and that seems to have further influenced the sound of his fourth full-length, the forthcoming andorra (out Auguest 21 on Merge. it is a tremendous record, full of glitchy harmonies and beyond-intricate drum programming (snaith comes from a family of mathematicians). i enjoy his records so much, i’d love to see how he adapts the studio work to a live setting (speaking of which, i saw lcd soundsystem on sunday night and was blown away by their ability to play those songs with such precision and energy — reminded me of the live footage i’ve seen of talking heads).

here is the first track from andorra, which i think perfectly fuses his live-band, “nuggets”-esque impulses with electronic composition.

(myspace) (buy old caribou music)

whenever i’m in new york i always drop a large sum of money at other music, one of the best record stores i know of. so this last time, i was there and this amazing music was playing… i assumed it was brazilian, because they always have a killer assortment of wild tropicalia gems. so i went to the front and inquired as to what was playing and the girl was like, “that’s El Kinto.” i went back to the brazilian section and couldn’t find it…. then i found it in the “psych” section. score. el kinto were not brazilian…. but Uruguayan! so they sing in spanish, but the music is straight up “nuggets” style psychedelia. anyway, Lion Productions recently released a reissue of the complete El Kinto jams and another one of Eduardo Mateo, who was the whacked-out force behind El Kinto.

Here’s a song from the record that I really gravitated towards… I think it was the song playing in the store when I realized I needed more information. the chorus is soooo right.


now i’m going to bonnaroo.