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May 16, 2007, 8:43 am
Filed under: film

this video has nothing to do with “28 Weeks Later.”

which i just saw.

i enjoyed the first one very much, and while the sequel isn’t as good as the original, it’s still pretty damn good. it is extremely well-made… juan carlos fresnadillo, who directed the spanish movie Intacto, which i dug very much takes over the director’s reigns from danny boyle and keeps the frenetic intensity up.

the film also takes the romero route and uses the horror genre as analogy for our current climate… from iraq (especially america’s involvement therein) to the mismanagement during and after hurricane katrina…. the true horror in this film is not what the “infected” do to humans… it’s what humans do to other humans… and that’s what’s really unsettling about “28 Weeks Later,” much more than any gore scene.

on second thought, the video above has a lot to do with “28 Weeks Later.”

yes, it is a little thin on plot…. and there are some dumb moments….but it’s way better than 90% of the current crop of shit. and the names of the young actor and actress who play the brother and sister protagonists are Mackintosh Muggleton and Imogen Poots.

And those are the two best names in history.


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