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out of the past
May 5, 2007, 5:51 am
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whoops, forgot i had a blog there for a moment or two.

so i moved into my new place. i think i’m officially settled. even though there are still boxes of books and music all over the place… some remain taped shut. not sure when i will open them. when you move, you have a whirlwind few days of opening boxes and arranging furniture and putting things in drawers and then, in my case at least, it kind of stops. and you get on with your life while half of your things remain enclosed. maybe tomorrow i will place more books on the appropriate shelves.

old joy

i finally saw kelly reichardt’s Old Joy which i found totally moving in the most non-aggressive manner possible. it’s an exercise in subtlety. the conversations between will oldham and daniel london’s characters, which make up much of the film, seem so mundane at first. but as you watch, you quickly learn that the film’s modus operandi is subtext. reichardt captures the relationship of these two guys perfectly… effortlessly. and an added bonus: watching will oldham (aka bonnie “prince” billy”, palace) on screen is as pleasurable as listening to his music.

as the film examines an old friendship well after its heyday, here are two songs from the (not too) distant past…

The Field Mice are one of those great “lost” bands. i guess they were only together for three or so years (88 – 91) before calling it quits. everyone says that they were the prototype for Belle and Sebastian, and that’s true: folk-pop, effete male and female vocals… totally twee. this track is a bit jangly, a bit fuzzy, a bit paisley… reminiscent of early R.E.M. stylings.


carter burwell has scored some films you may know and love (coens, jonze). but most aren’t aware that back in the day (the early 80s) he was half of Thick Pigeon (the other half being comprised of one Stanton Miranda, who sang and played bass) an experimental new york duo signed to the one, the only, factory records, straight out of manchester, england. in 1984 they released “Too Crazy Cowboys”. it was reissued in 2003 and is some strange shit. and i’m crazy about it. this is the first track, “troglodytes”, which is among the more sing-alone-able tunes on the record.


BONUS: music video for thick pigeon’s “wheels over indian trails”


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I, too, am living in a state of constant box shifting. But this place is mine! All mine! *mwahahaha!*

Seriously, don’t worry about it. When you’ve been in your place 6 months and still aren’t all the way unpacked, then you have a little cause to be concerned.

Comment by Whitney

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