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as heard on tour
April 21, 2007, 8:14 pm
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often at concerts, i used to wonder about the music playing in the venue before and in-between bands. i recall being an impressionable youth and hearing something mind-blowing and trying to figure who it is? sometimes you go up to the guy at the front-of-house soundboard and he’s all like “dunno.”

so yes, sometimes it’s the headliner’s choice of tunes, sometimes the venue plays stuff. sometimes there’s a dj. well if you’ve come to a pete yorn show of late, the music you heard was picked by me, max of all trades. i thought that on this blog it would be cool to sporadically share some of the lesser known tunes from the preshow/postshow mixes that one might have heard pumping through a huge PA somewhere in america (or maybe australia).


blackblack is a los angeles trio i have seen a few times. friends of friends. they are: diva dompe (bass and vocals) lola dompe (drums) and clark schädelkopf (guitar). they’ve opened for bands like bauhaus and deerhoof. i would classify their sound as being somewhere between those two bands, actually: playful and eccentric, but simultaeously doomy. they’ve had one release in japan, which combined their two (self released, distributed and scribbled upon) e.p.s , which you can and should buy at their shows. “clark” leads another band you’ve probably heard of, but blackblack is not a “side project.” they very much exist in their own universe. i had never heard their music when i first went to see them, and this song was the one that really blew me away. it’s a cover of a song by the misfits, but it really reinvents the original and casts it in a whole new light.

on tour with pete yorn, the first song to play at the end of the set was “bonnie and clyde” by serge gainsbourg and then this came next.



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