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April 18, 2007, 8:19 am
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two days ago i chipped my front tooth. it’s not bad… you can’t really see it, but it feels jagged nonetheless. also disconcerting: the massive nosebleed i have right now… typing with one hand, the other one is holding up a huge ball of tissue.

i am falling apart. not really.


1. i just returned from seeing the Charles Burnett film Killer of Sheep. i remember having seen a clip of it in some film class in college and thinking that it looked crazy. it has been restored and rereleased in limited engagements. for me it was one of those experiences where you have to kind of let go… “this is a different kind of movie, i have to just give in to its pace and its tone and let it take me wherever it wants to go,” i say to myself in less eloquent half-thoughts. some people have trouble doing that. i felt the same about Inland Empire and The New World. the narrative of the film demands that you change your viewing style. sometimes if you can give in to a demanding film like these ones, you can find the reward. i can’t say that i loved the Burnett picture, but it had a really unique tone and some highly memorable moments, both funny and disturbing. i wanted to write a post about this great dinah washington song used a few times in the movie, but somebody else beat me to it. so check that out.


Babewatch! Now featuring double neck guitar!!

you get a friend request from some band and you’re like, “ugh.” and you either deny them or accept them. some people don’t even listen. i give a cursory few seconds listen, but if i’m not down, i reject. am i a dick? maybe. well sometimes you get a friend request from some band an you’re like, “ugh.” and then you glance at the page and realize you know them. they were a few years below you in college and they used to be in a different band whose name you can’t remember and this is a few of those same guys playing with a few other guys whose names sound familiar, but you don’t really know them all that well. so they have a new name and a few new members and you’re looking at their page but there isn’t any music up yet. just some pictures. maybe one hastily recorded demo. so you accept the request. and you forget about them. then one day you happen to check their page and they’ve posted some songs. and you listen. you hear the post-punk/new wave influence and say think that there are plenty of post-punl/new wave bands out there. but you like what you hear. you really like what you hear. and you kinda wish that this band existed when you went to school there. so you could go to their shows and dance like ian curtis would.


years back i was visiting some family in chicago and wandered into reckless records on broadway. they always seemed to have a boatload of new releases i had never heard of. i saw a cd hanging up in their staff picks section and there was a little review that someone there had written. i don’t recall what it said, but something convinced me to take a leap of faith and buy something i hadn’t heard and knew nothing about. this was before the day of the mp3 blog and the bittorrent and the itunes 30-second preview. so i bought the cd, put it on, and loved every minute of it. it would be the last thing the band put out. they soon broke up and that was that.

the band was boas, the record was called “mansion” (in fact, the band used to be called mansion, then changed their name to boas. hence a sticker on the cellophane that said boas and liner notes that just said mansion). no photos of the band anywhere on the disc. chicago band. now defunct. if anyone knows what happened to them, or if the members are in any other bands, leave a comment.

or maybe don’t say anything.
i like the mystery.



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Chipped tooth, nosebleed! Eek! What have you been doing Max??

Reckless Records. I’ll have to see about going there one of these days.

Comment by Nicole

RE: 2. These bands: I think we were on a similar wavelength…I must say you were much more eloquent, I pretty much said it how I thought it Is this really productive?. Today I had the (un)fortunate luck of running into an ex from college’s new band, 12 years after the fact, and only recognized his name a vocalist….and will surely hit DENY….guess I am a dick! haha

just in case curiousity gotcha’……YIKES!

Comment by Darice

uh yeah, link didn’t work, you know where to fing my blogs on myspace if you wanna take a look….CHEERS!

And hope you’re getting put back together ~

Comment by Darice

I’m a Boas fan myself, who actually dealt with their booking agent, and yes… they vanished one day. I found this just now listening to Mansion and googling for stuff. I put a post on a Chicago music board for info and someone said they got writer’s block or something and just broke off to do other things. Shame.

Singer/songwriter John Klos plays solo around Chicago with the Wilco crowd, apparently.

Drummer/engineer/producer’s website has a few mp3s you might not have:

Comment by Leee

Hey. I was the bass player in the ill fated reformed version of the Boas. I moved fron New Mexico to Chicago in 2004 to join and in May we went into Clava Studios to record demos for a new record. The following month just before our live debut Jacob and I decided to quit the band, doesnt matter why, it just wasnt working. John Klos floated around for awhile after that and eventually recorded a record under the name The Movie Group(which is unreleased) The bass player of this band quit ( I believe to tour with the Blue Man Group) and I was brought in. This band was absolutely the best group I have ever played in. Sam Wagster on guitar, Jesse Nolan on drums and myself. We played one show(renamed Dragon and Jones)at the Lakeshore Theater with Liam Hayes and Plush and then personal issues led JK to Florida where he lives today. I want to make something clear that the Movie Group record is a fucking masterpiece and it is a shame that is laying around gathering dust. JK actually recorded another record summer before last which is also fantastic but also remains on the shelf for whatever reason.

Comment by Richard Sims

Thanks for this update! I’ve been a fan of klos since the fire show days!

Comment by eric

Klos is acutely inadequate and desperate to conceal this aberration from others.

Comment by JSchmo

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