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change of address!
June 24, 2008, 10:54 pm
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i have moved to
and i am enjoying it immensely. won’t you come over?

this child is sick
June 3, 2008, 1:03 am
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and summer begins again.

so. download this MIX FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE.
new songs that sound old. old songs that sound new.
old songs that sound old. new songs that sound new.

songs that sound.

(54:36/256 kbps/100 MB)

1. Cheap Time “Glitter & Gold”
2. Islands “Creeper”
3. Sigur Rós “Gobbledigook” (video, contains nudity NSFW)
4. Savoir Adore “We Talk Like Machines”
5. Crystal Stilts “Crystal Stilts”
6. The Shackletons “Tremble”
7. Fabienne Delsol “Leave Her For Me”
8. Hollywood Jills “He Makes Me So Mad”
9. Atlas Sound “My Car”
10. Violens “Violent Sensation Descends”
11. John Maus “My Whole World Is Coming Apart”
12. Au “RR vs. D”
13. The Barbaras “Day At The Shrine”
14. Black Tambourine “Throw Aggi Off The Bridge”
15. Radical Face “Welcome Home, Son”
16. High Places “Head Spins (Extended Version)”
17. Green and Brown “Glory”
18. Wolf Parade “Soldier’s Grin”
19. Festival “Come Outside”

May 7, 2008, 5:20 pm
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Here’s the video I made for Robert Francis. Enjoy it.

Added bonus:

Somebody put the MGMT video I directed (their first music video and my first music video) on YouTube. So here too is that.

let’s pretend you never touched the sugar
April 27, 2008, 2:55 pm
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Hello world here is some news:

I made a music video for the song “Little Girl” by Robert Francis.
I’ll let you know when it’s been put up online.

I choreographed and danced in the music video for the song “Electric Feel” by MGMT. Should be finished in three weeks or so. Here is a preview of some dance moves you may or may not see in the video:

Next up is a music video for Sunny Levine who is coincidentally playing his live solo debut next week. If you are in or around los angeles, do come to the show. not only is sunny’s music great, but he’s playing with a totally sick backing band AND the rest of the bill is rounded out by tothemaxxx favorites Tornado Rider and Hello Stranger.

Tuesday, April 29, 8PM @ The Air Conditioned Supper Club
625 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA
$10, 21 and up

Sunny also just had a live set on KCRW which you can watch HERE.

And then there’s also this little future mix I made for the future month of May!

(48:49/192 kbps/67.1 MB)

1. M83 “Kim & Jessie” The new record, Saturdays = Youth, is way good… way melodramatic… way Tears For Fears. I love the wanky solid state guitar stuff late in the song.

2. Jay Reatard “Always Wanting More” from the upcoming third installment of his 7′ series on Matador. This song gets me really pumped up about life and about this current influx of new Jay Reatard songs.

3. The Clique “Superman” I heard this song at a bar and was fascinated by it, but didn’t know how to track it down. Then a few days later an mp3 of the song surfaced on the great Iron Leg. How fortuitous.

4. Voxhaul Broadcast “When The Wives Come Home” Saw these guys a few months back at their Spaceland residency having heard nothing and I was thoroughly impressed. Looking forward to checking them out again.

5. No Age “Teen Creeps” from the forthcoming Nouns. I’m embarrassed that I still haven’t seen these guys, since they play in town with crazy frequency. Great chord progression in the second part of the song (chorus?).

6. Ladytron “Kletva” from the forthcoming Velocifero. Nice jam with a steadily building intensity. It’s a cover of a Bulgarian rock song from the 70s. I kind of lost interest in this band but I’m digging this so I’ll have to spend more time with this album.

7. Don Cavalli “New Hollywood Babylon” A strange little ditty by a French bluesman signed to Everloving Records.

8. Coconut Records “Nighttiming” (RAC Mix) Another classy remix by André Anjos. Nice retooling of Jason Schwartzman’s danciest number.

9. The Kills “Last Day of Magic” I know I posted a track by The Kills on my last mix, but at that point I hadn’t spent much time with the record. This song has since emerged for me as a standout.

10. Abe Vigoda “Animal Ghosts” Another Los Angeles band who play at the Smell a lot. Topical noise vibe, sorta Animal Collectiveish.

11. Cut Copy “Feel The Love” I posted this song a la carte last time, but wanted to include it in here because each maxx mixx needs at least one song with synthesizer arpeggios. Solid gold.

and then…

12. MGMT “Metanoia” starts at the mix’s 35 minute mark and continues for nearly 14 minutes. This is the sprawling B-side to “Time To Pretend”: proggy, overindulgent, completely bonkers and utterly fantastic. They’ve recently been playing a condensed version of it live, but this is the whole wet mess in its unshaven glory.

to the muxx
March 29, 2008, 1:40 pm
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hi i am sorry it has been over a month since i last busted here.

since then i have done these things:

went on tour with hello stranger and foo fighters! we made some videos.
went to sxsw!
mastered the record i executive produced (you’ll hear much more about that later this year)!
am working on some music!

tribeca film festival!
a concert in l.a. curated by me!
music video action for mr. sunny levine, mr. robert francis and hello stranger!

in the meantime, i made this mix over at muxtape and it’s some of my favorite songs of the past and present. i will constantly be rotating jams in and out.

i am also really feeling this song right now:


leap, year
February 25, 2008, 4:55 pm
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hello i am back hello.
i was thinking i wouldn’t be making any more mixes this year. had a feeling that nothing in early 08 was going to strike my fancy.
i was wrong.

(49:45/192 kbps/68.4 MB)

1. Sunny Levine “Caffe Rhinoceronte” a little tease from the retooled and fit for mass-consumption Love Rhino coming out on soon on Quango.

2. Atlas Sound “Ativan” This solo thing from Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox is so up my (kirstie) alley.

3. The Kills “Cheap and Cheerful” it’s all about that phlegmy cough at the beginning. short and sharp and sweet and sour. simple, singsongy, handclappy, Peaches-esque.

4. The Whigs “Right Hand On My Heart” american indie rock circa 1995. the video captures it perfectly.

5. Tornado Rider “In A Colorful Night” Rushad Eggleston and Gabriel Cazes. cello and drums/synth. Cowboys, goblins, wizards and a lithe Frenchman. produced by the aforementioned Sunny Levine. unsigned… for now.

6. Kelley Stoltz “Everything Begins” I’ve always liked this guy’s music and, yeah, the new stuff sounds good.

7. The Raveonettes “Dead Sound” I was always a little more into the idea of this band more than I was into the actual music, but I’m quite enjoying this new record. Texture goes a long way, I tell you.

8. Apes “Beat Of The Double” new lead singer, same old macramé-sweater wearing weirdos.

9. Wolfkin “These Are All Illusions” another wolf band? really? but…. oh, this came out in Denmark two years ago, so they were kind of ahead of the curve.

10. Amazing Baby “Invisible Palace” simon o’connor and will stone from stylofone, will roan from lions & tigers, and leah cary who played in nebula and spalding rockwell. they’ve got three songs on their myspace and thus far they are three for three. expect more greatness and body-paint photoshoots from these people very soon.

11. The Honeydrips “The Walk” This band is actually just one Swedish guy. they’ll be on tour in the states with countryman Jens Lekman in march and april so go see them… him.

12. Black Mountain “Wild Wind” a very restrained track from these Canadian droners. a rolling stones reference in the lyrics, a radiohead reference in the chord progression and a simple structure: verse, chorus, bridge thing, out.

13. The Ruby Suns “There Are Birds” i really dig the changing vibe of the song…. the various movements. they’re a new zealand trio. i hope to catch them at sxsw. they’ll be in the states touring with le loup in march and april. i first heard this song on the great fluxblog.

14. Snowblink “iii. Heckling the Afterglow” Daniela’s new album is mixed, mastered, finished and wonderful. she performed some of the new tunes in an auditorium in venice, ca a little while ago and it was, as usual, a real treat.

15. Foals “Balloons” buzz band from Oxford UK. i am not ashamed to dig it.

16. A Sunny Day In Glasgow “The Best Summer Ever” they are from philadelphia, but they sound like a dream i had where i was flying over the British Isles in my pyjamas

17. Nat Baldwin “Lake Erie” beautiful stuff from this Dirty Projectors associate and onetime Wesleyan based upright-bass improviser.

film 2007
February 1, 2008, 10:22 am
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Here, now, one month into 2008, I present my favorite films of 2007.

MY TEN FAVORITE FILMS (arranged alphabetically):

The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford dir. Andrew Dominic

Black Book dir. Paul Verhoeven

The Darjeeling Limited dir. Wes Anderson

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly dir. Julian Schnabel

Great World of Sound dir. Craig Zobel

No Country For Old Men dir. Joel and Ethan Coen

Red Road dir. Andrea Arnold

There Will Be Blood dir. Paul Thomas Anderson

This Is England dir. Shane Meadows

Zodiac dir. David Fincher

AND, COMING IN AT HONORARY ELEVEN: The best film from 1977 that finally saw a proper theatrical release in 2007…

Killer of Sheep dir. Charles Burnett

Best performer of 2007:

Ben Foster
in Alpha Dog, 30 Days of Night and 3:10 To Yuma.


12:08 East of Bucharest, 4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days, Away From Her, The Band’s Visit, Black Snake Moan, The Bourne Ultimatum, Brand Upon The Brain, Day Night Day Night, Eastern Promises, Enchanted, The Exterminating Angels, Grindhouse, Hot Fuzz, In The Valley Of Elah, Jellyfish, The King of Kong, The Kingdom, L’iceberg, Last Mistress, Michael Clayton, Once, The Orphanage, Ratatouille, Rescue Dawn, The Savages, Shoot Em Up, Sunshine, Superbad, Sweeney Todd, Syndromes And A Century, The Wind That Shakes The Barley